W H O   A R E   W E ?

A collective of associations without lucrative purposes based on Barcelona and Paris. For over five years we've been working on cultural engineering through projects development involving art, science and technology.

: we come up with ideas to refocus existing energy and resources to maximise their applications in new contexts.

: we liberate cultural data and artistic works in digital format, developing a creative platform for exhibition addressed to all audiences.

: we expand access for minorities to culture and creative processes, resignifying tools and organising workshops for educators.

: mad resides on and communicates through the Internet, where it offers a meeting point and keeps memory of its actions.

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:: punto y raya festival [esp-eng]
It explores the ultimate synthesis of the form·movement duality in different spheres of human endeavour. Due to the simplicity of its criteria, it uses abstraction's prime matter to reveal the limitations and achievements of our representation systems.

:: caótica | the poetics of complex systems
An interdisciplinary project to learn how to formalise Chaos by innovating on human methodologies. It's carried out through an online game where the rules [and the people who make them] emerge from the game itself.

:: digital alphabetisation in prisons
Redirection of existing resources, development and implementation of a platform for production and diffusion inside Catalunyan prisons. We seek to expand the access for inmates to culture and creative processes, providing at the same time with online publication and other means of social insertion in the public domain.

:: mad-movies
An independent exhibition platform seeking to experience artistic works and actions by offering a meeting point open to critique, analysis and debate.

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These projects are thought for public participation. Although we cannot translate all contents at present, you're welcome to send us your ideas and suggestions at