The name Euroscreen21projects denotes an open platform created by artists, curators, mediascientists and institutions from european countries who are working in the area of Video/New Media Art/Concept Art or Mediascience.

A united Europe offers new chances for an innovative community.

The platform Euroscreen21projects basing explicity on a European cooperation, presents new approaches to art as well as communication; a circulating of pictures and texts, experiments performed by artists of various countries, reflecting issues of present political, philosophical and aesthetic concern.

Euroscreen21projects is going to arise in the year 2004. It emerges from Euroscreen21 out of the years 2002/03, a media-art project with 40 artists from 30 European countries, who articulate their personal perspective on the concept “home” in presentations, workshops and discussions in 15 European countries.

Art has always promoted the discourse and understanding among different cultures. Euroscreen21projects will take place in the world wide web, in museums, galleries and public areas. The development and results will be shown on this website.
Judith Nothnagel, 2004

Myriam Thyes (D/CH), ELASTIC Group (I/E), Nikos Giavropoulos (GR), reMI (A), Rita Stavraki (GR), Michael Sellam (F), Nora Martirosyan (AR), Andreas Gedin (SWE), Ventsislav Zankov (BUL), Jan Verbeek (D), TJADER-KNIGHT inc. (FNL/UK), Juanjo Fernández (E), Anita Sarosi (HU), Judith Nothnagel (D), Joanna Rajkowska (PL), Tanja Vujinovic and Zvonka Simcic (SLO), Ivar Smedstad (NOR), Anouk de Clerq (B), Selda Asal (TUR), Nikos Papadimitriou (GR), Ella Constantinescu (NL/CA), Steve Hawley (UK), Bjargey Ólafsdóttir (IS), Hercli Bundi (CH), Csongor Gáspár (ROM), Javor Gardev (BUL), Gair Dunlop (SCO), Lilia Pérez Romero (E), Robert Lisek (PL), Lakis & Aris Ionas (GR), Johanna Lecklin (FNL), Bernd Oppl (A), Gregory Chatonsky (F)

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